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Install the rubber gasket should pay attention to what details

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Key words:Install the rubber gasket should pay attention to what details

If the rubber seals improperly installed, there will be air, water, dust, light and sound to come in, this is a big problem, assembly and maintenance personnel must be correct installation, ensure the problem does not occur, must want to know the details, to work properly.

Rubber gasket installation:
Tank gasket manufacturer introduces the selection of the adhesive. Gasket installation, need a strong adhesive, outline between the substrate and reliable. Many different adhesives are available, so choose the right people, ask and answer a series of problems. How long the glue need how long? Warranty just by changing the gasket cover? What kind of is application environment?

Configuration options. Rubber gasket need a high enough fill with surface such as the gap between the door. Measuring the distance, put some silly putty on the four corners of the jam. Then close lower clay door, with a pair of caliper, measuring every four corners of the clay, now add the depth of the clay in every corner, divided by four, this is your the size of the block.

Next, add 25% to 50% of the closed block dimensions, you need to consider the compression and measure the height of the rubber material. Height measurement does not need to be accurate, but they do need to shut down, the outline of the application of the adhesive film doesn't increase too much height, you need thick foam tape can reduce the height of the profile.

Tank gasket manufacturer to introduce remember creating sealing and gasket compression, which filled the void, small defects can cooperate surface, such as door sealing gasket compressed again and again, so avoid profile easy compression set, remove the permanent deformation occurred after closing force. You also need to consider is small bending radius, such ability won't kink and leakage.

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