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Interpretation of the rubber gasket life prediction method

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Key words:Interpretation of the rubber gasket life prediction method

To shock absorption, noise reduction and sealing, most instruments would need rubber gaskets, due to its unique properties, it can obviously play a role, car radiator gasket is to use the rubber material. But in order to know the life, usually through some methods to test.

Rubber gasket life prediction methods:
Custom silicone products manufacturer is introduced with practical method of the mathematical concept is highly accelerated life test, and its applying in a short time is higher than the use of temperature, using this method, by extrapolating data can predict long-term life washer at lower temperatures. Under the condition of using second life prediction method due to its long test time, high cost and labor demand in the economy is bad, and the third way is to rely on an experienced professional rubber materials engineer, this is not very reliable, does not produce the results of the objective.

It is an accelerated test method of the material performance degradation, in the process of material development and design has been used by many researchers. This test is usually apply to the rubber gasket and damper, and helps to identify and resolve defects in the design of new products. The method to reduce the possibility of a service disruption, namely through the reliability to improve product quality, reduce development cost and time. Under the temperature of 150-200 ℃ in the compression ratio of 30%, this is the radiator pads under the condition of using the actual compression ratio. In addition, under the same compression ratio, under - 70 ℃ low temperature test.

Custom silicone products manufacturer is introduced in this life prediction method, the Arrhenius model than erin model is simpler and more effective, and using the experimental data. The service life of the seal was defined as 30% compression ratio (depending on the use of temperature) after recovery to achieve the target of 60% of the time, but ISO11346 rules chemical material failure time is reduced to 50% at the beginning of its attributes.

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