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What is the cause of the deformation of rubber products

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Key words:What is the cause of the deformation of rubber products

In everyday life, there are some rubber products around, some people in the process of use, will find that there will be some deformation, actually it is caused by long time use, specific factors also have a lot of, of course, it depends on how to analyze and understand.

Deformation of rubber products:
1, tank gasket manufacturer long-term work still lead to permanent deformation, use for a long time under the condition of high pressure, under the condition of high pressure for material hard products better easy to deformation.

2, the influence of tensile rate, the product of hard softness to decide, general silicone rubber of the highest winning percentage can reach 300% to 600% (more soft material), but in the use process of overstretch will directly lead to deformation and loss of permanent deformation of tensile strength, so you should don't overdo it stretched in the using process, regardless of industrial products, supplies or silicone accessories are the same.

3, temperature influence, a wet place, when the work of silicone rubber products, under the condition of high temperature and wet use process, stretching, gradually will be out of shape, but as the temperature adaptation and fall can also lead to the silicone products slight deformation. So whether it's on the industrial application of accessories, sealing products, in addition to the tensile thought try not to let the silicone products.

Tank gasket manufacturer introduces synthetic rubber mixing with each other at the same time, also have the effect of the improved performance. Such as made of a single IIR inner tube, although the tightness is good, but long time there will be a tire body soft, sticky tyre and inner tube size larger defects, if the IIR and a small amount of EPDM rubber products manufacturer mixed use, can effectively overcome the defects.

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