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Liquid silicone rubber are normally used in what fields

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Key words:Liquid silicone rubber are normally used in what fields

Liquid silicone rubber is a kind of inherent in clean production, due to the chemical composition was sealed in a closed system, there is no air contact, solved the problem of dust and moisture, it also improve the quality of the parts, so often is used in many fields.

Liquid silicone rubber application:
Medical apparatus and instruments. Appliances rubber hoses for many medical equipment manufacturer to introduce its inert quality type of material as the ideal, it is particularly important, medical equipment is placed in the patient's body, because it means that the device will not leach chemicals, will not lead to potential adverse reactions. , by contrast, latex material used in the medical industry for a long time, not completely cured in the process of production, can lead to adverse reactions.

Use liquid silicone rubber drugs to avoid equipment manufacturing capacity, for example, the use of contraceptive hormones in liquid silicone rubber additives into the dosing process, can also be placed in cardiac pacemaker conduit conductor, make the conductor introduction of anti-inflammatory drugs directly into the heart tissue to improve results.

Wearable technology: wearable fitness trackers, is mainly responsible for the flexible wearable class extensions. With its ability to deal with high temperature and low temperature, ultraviolet ray, ozone degradation, than the constant sunlight using traditional materials is more suitable for wearable technology. Unlike other rubber products do not cause adverse skin reactions, when users wearing, or even longer.

Household products: home appliances rubber hose manufacturer to introduce its inert nature makes it to use in the kitchen supplies, consumer market is full of manufacturing and kitchen supplies, protective gloves and hob to shovel and barbecue brush, even cooking pot, its viscosity can be useful, the safety of the food is very high temperature.

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