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What are the common household appliances rubber hose need to check?

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Key words:Check common household rubber hose
In fact, regular check appliances rubber pipe not only helps to prevent costly confusion, and if occurrence blowout, it can also cooperate with insurance company work. Here is you should check the common appliances rubber hose.
The washing machine  
Most of the washing machines are equipped with rubber pipe connected to water hose, the hose may wear and burst. We should always check whether there is a bubble, frayed, stress cracks and loose connection. Even if there is no obvious wear, once every five years to replace the hose. Use steel braided hose, because they are unlikely to fail.
The dryer  
Although you should be in every time load cleaning dryer lint trap, but there is also a potential danger behind the dryer. According to the survey data, the flexible plastic or aluminum foil duct can be easily clamp lint and increase the risk of fire. Recommend the use of rigid or semi-rigid metal tube instead. No matter you use which kinds of means, please disconnect and clean pipe every year.
The refrigerator  
If you have ice machine or water dispenser, refrigerator and a water pipe connect it to the water supply system. Replace standard hose with steel wire braided wire in order to increase security.
The dishwasher  
Dishwasher leakage is easy to leak, so check these connections is also very important. Ensure no kink hose and pipe, and regular cleaning and clean the filter in the dishwasher, the filter is designed to prevent food block into the drainage hose.
Gas grill  
In addition to regularly check the hose and when needed to replace the hose, there are still available monitoring system, can be in the event of a failure to automatically cut off the water. Some humidity indicators were used to detect leaks, and at least one new system actual check water meter for abnormal activities.
In order to further protect you, your homeowners insurance may undertake the electrical appliances rubber hose failure caused some damage. But, it all depends on your situation and your specific policies. You may find equipment hose failure is beyond the scope of your insurance, therefore should maintenance equipment in order to avoid damage.

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