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How to correctly install the rubber gasket

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Key words:How to correctly install the rubber gasket

In many areas, the rubber gasket has been very popular, although small, but the effect is large, many people may not know how to correct installation, often lead to some faults, affect the normal use, such as how to install metal parts, the following steps may be of use.

Rubber gasket installation:
1, silica gel products factory introduced to choose the appropriate rubber gasket. It is usually made of rubber or plastic is generally used to prevent the panel, the sharp edge line of the appearance of the finished product on the table? Usually, these rubber gasket button holes and are larger, to strengthen protection for the edge of the hole, you need to use to the electric wire.

2, measuring. The object through the ring, as well as tube, or beam to protect. If you put a joint or connector through the washer, must take into account to measure the gasket will fill the hole, if possible, correct drilling or punching should follow the recommended hole size, and a smooth round hole edge as much as possible.

3, to promote a flange on one side of the through openings. In open all of the work, must meet the requirements of bending tube. If you have the opportunity to the opposite side of the material, it may help to put the washer simple pass. A soft objects, such as plastic, can help the gasket with a proper holes.

4, silica gel products factory introduced installation seal edge. Typically, a small plastic cap will be used to complete the edge, choose the rim, you can correct the edge of a push you want to protect. You may have to edge with your fingers to open a little, according to the different application, some suitable adhesive can be used.

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